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  Computational Physics With Python
Posted on 2015-04-25 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
Contents: Useful Introductory Python; Python Basics; Basic Numerical Tools; Numpy, Scipy, and MatPlotLib; Ordinary Differential Equations; Chaos; Monte Carlo Techniques; Stochastic Methods; Partial Differential Equations; Linux; Visual Python; Least-Squares Fitting. . . . .
  Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques
Posted on 2015-04-01 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques offers a thorough grounding in machine learning concepts as well as practical advice on applying machine learning tools and techniques in real-world data mining situations. This highly anticipated third edition of the most acclaimed work on data mining and machine learning will teach you everything you need to know about preparing inputs, interpreting outputs, evaluating results, and the algorithmic methods at the heart of successful data mining. . . . .
Posted on 2015-03-31 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
This book contains the following chapters in company with related subjects. In Chapter I, the embedding of a graph on surfaces are much concerned because they are motivated to building up the theo ry of abstract maps related with Smarandache geometry. The second chapter is for the formal definition of abstract maps. One can see that this matter is a natural generalization of gr aph embedding on surfaces. The third chapter is on the duality not only for maps themselves but also for operations on maps from one surface to another. One can se . . . .
  Basic Queueing Theory
Posted on 2015-03-29 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
The aim of the book is to present the basic methods, approaches in a Markovian level for the analysis of not too complicated systems. The main purpose is to understand how models could be constructed and how to analyze them. It is assumed the reader has been exposed to a first course in probability theory, however in the text I give a refresher and state the most important principles I need later on. My intention is to show what is behind the formulas and how we can derive formulas. It is also essential to know which kind of questions are . . . .
  Classical Mechanics: a Critical Introduction
Posted on 2015-03-28 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
he rst draft of this book was composed many years ago and was intended to serve either as a stand-alone text or as a supplementary \tutor" for the student. My motivation was the belief that most courses hurry through the basic concepts too quickly, and that a more leisurely discussion would be helpful to many students. I let the project lapse when I found that publishers appeared to be interested mainly in massive textbooks covering all of rst-year physics. Now that it is possible to make this material available on the Internet to stu . . . .
   Observers and Splitting Structures in Relativistic Electrodynamics
Posted on 2015-03-27 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
We introduce a relativistic splitting structure as a means to map fields and equations of electromagnetism from curved four-dimensional space-time to three-dimensional observer's space. We focus on a minimal set of mathematical structures that are directly motivated by the language of the physical theory. Space-time, world-lines, time translation, space platforms, and time synchronization all find their mathematical counterparts. The splitting structure is defined without recourse to coordinates or frames. This is noteworthy since, in much . . . .

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