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  A guide to Quantum field theory
Posted on 2015-01-07 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
Contents: overview and guide to the literature; classic field theory reminder; free quantum fields; interacting quantum fields; path integrals; strings; loops and scales. . . . .
   Physics of Microswimmers - Single Particle Motion and Collective Behavior
Posted on 2015-01-02 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
Locomotion and transport of microorganisms in fluids is an essential aspect of life. Search for food, orientation toward light, spreading of off-spring, and the formation of colonies are only possible due to locomotion. Swimming at the microscale occurs at low Reynolds numbers, where fluid friction and viscosity dominates over inertia. Here, evolution achieved propulsion mechanisms, which overcome and even exploit drag. Prominent propulsion mechanisms are rotating helical flagella, exploited by many bacteria, and snake-like or whip-like motion . . . .
   Revealing networks from dynamics: an introduction
Posted on 2015-01-01 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
What can we learn from the collective dynamics of a complex network about its interaction topology? Taking the perspective from nonlinear dynamics, we briefly review recent progress on how to infer structural connectivity (direct interactions) from accessing the dynamics of the units. Potential applications range from interaction networks in physics, to chemical and metabolic reactions, protein and gene regulatory networks as well as neural circuits in biology and electric power grids or wireless sensor networks in engineering. Moreover, we bri . . . .
   Spin Hall effect
Posted on 2014-12-31 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
Spin Hall effects are a collection of relativistic spin-orbit coupling phenomena in which electrical currents can generate transverse spin currents and vice versa. Although first observed only a decade ago, these effects are already ubiquitous within spintronics as standard spin-current generators and detectors. Here we review the experimental and theoretical results that have established this sub-field of spintronics. We focus on the results that have converged to give us a clear understanding of the phenomena and how they have evolved from a . . . .
   Theory of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Posted on 2014-12-30 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
This lecture has been given at the 45th Spring School: Computing Solids: Models, Ab-initio Methods and Supercomputing organized at the Forschungszentrum J\"ulich. The goal of this manuscript is to review the basics behind the theory accompanying Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. . . . .
  Python High Performance Programming
Posted on 2014-12-22 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
Contents: Benchmarking and Profiling; Fast Array Operations with NumPy; C Performance with Cython; Parallel Processing. . . . .

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