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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 69 1-10-10 * * *

Book :Linear Optimal Control Systems
Contents: Elements of Linear System Theory; Analysis of Linear Control Systems; Optimal Linear State Feedback Control Systems; Optimal Linear; Reconstruction of the State; Optimal Linear Output Feedba. . . . .
Book :Nonlinear System Theory: The Volterra/Wiener Approach
Contents:Input/Output Representations in the Time Domain; Input/Output Representations in the Transform Domain; Obtaining Input/Output Representations from Differential-Equation Descriptions; Realizat. . . . .
Links :Statistical and Thermal Physics
Contents: Introduction; Symplectic analysis;. Fourier transform, stationary phase; Semiclassical Quantization; Semiclassical defect measures; Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions; Estimates for eigenfunctio. . . . .
Book :Lasers and Quantum Optics
Contents:Introduction; Lasers; Types and classes of laser; Optical wave guides - bre optics; Polarization; Optical anisotropy; Induced optical anisotropy; Nonlinear optics; What are photons?.
Book :Parallel Computing: Architectures, Algorithms and Applications
Contents: Particle and Atomistic Simulation; Image Processing and Visualization ; Performance Modeling and Tools; Biomedical Applications; Parallel Algorithms; Parallel Programming Models; Numerical A. . . . .
Book :Multigrid methods for structured grids and their application in particle simulation
This work is focussed on the application of multigrid methods to particle simulation methods. Particle simulation is important for a broad range of scientific fields, like biophysics, astrophysics or . . . . .
Book :How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: C plus plus version
The goal of this book is to teach you to think like a computer scientist. I like the way computer scientists think because they combine some of the best features of Mathematics, Engineering, and Natur. . . . .
Book :Utility of Quaternions in Physics
Utility of Quaternions in Physics
Book :Fundamentals of probability
Contents: Fundamentals of probability; Probability and probability measures; Zero-probability events; Conditional probability; Independent events; Random variables and univariate probability distribut. . . . .
Book :A Primer on Functional Methods and the Schwinger-Dyson Equations
An elementary introduction to functional methods and the Schwinger-Dyson equations is presented. Emphasis is placed on practical topics not normally covered in textbooks, such as a diagrammatic method. . . . .
Book :Topological insulators and superconductors
Topological insulators are new states of quantum matter which can not be adiabatically connected to conventional insulators and semiconductors. They are characterized by a full insulating gap in the b. . . . .
Book :The solar magnetic field
The magnetic field of the Sun is the underlying cause of the many diverse phenomena combined under the heading of solar activity. Here we describe the magnetic field as it threads its way from the bot. . . . .
Book :Massive Stars and their Supernovae
Massive stars and their supernovae are prominent sources of radioactive isotopes, the observations of which thus can help to improve our astrophysical models of those. Our understanding of stellar evo. . . . .
Book :The magnetic fields of forming solar-like stars
Magnetic fields play a crucial role at all stages of the formation of low mass stars and planetary systems. In the final stages, in particular, they control the kinematics of in-falling gas from circu. . . . .
Book :Mean field theory of spin glasses
Abstract: These lecture notes have been prepared for a course in Trieste, part of the Ph.D. program in Statistical Mechanics. They focus on the mean field theory of spin glasses, with particular e. . . . .
Book :Logic Deductive ans Inductive
Book :Script Handbook for Interactive Scientific Website Building
In this handbook, I collect the basic (and eventually upgraded) PHP scripts used for building the AMIDAS website (this http URL), an online interactive simulation/data analysis system for direct Dark . . . . .
Book : 18 Lectures on K-Theory
We present 18 Introductory Lectures on K-Theory covering its basic three branches, namely topological, analytic (K-Homology) and Higher Algebraic K-Theory, 6 lectures on each branch. The skeleton of t. . . . .
Book :Quantum magnetism (Graduate lectures)
Contents: Introduction; Magnetic Insulators; Metals; Magnetic impurities; Other magnetic phenomena; Connections to macroscopics.
Book :Polariton condensation (A Green's function approach)
These lectures discuss the use of Greenís functions in understanding con- densation in non-equilibrium systems. The lectures thus have two aims, conceptual and technical. The conceptual aim of these. . . . .

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