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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 71 2-02-11 * * *

Book :Champs Quantiques Relativistes
Contenu: Champs classiques; Symetries continues et lois de conservation ; Le champ scalaire; Le champ vectoriel; Le champ spinoriel; Symetries discretes; Interactions et regles de Feynman; Les symetri. . . . .
Book :Electrodynamique classique
Contenu: Solution des ́quations de Maxwell en pr ́sence de charges et de courants : fonction de Green; Les potentiels de Li ́nard-Wiechert; Equations de Maxwell et transformations de . . . . .
Book :Introduction to the field theory of classical and quantum phase transitions
These lecture notes provide a relatively self-contained introduction to field theoretic methods employed in the study of classical and quantum phase transitions.
Book :Colloquium: The transport properties of graphene: An introduction
An introduction to the transport properties of graphene combining experimental results and theoretical analysis is presented. In the theoretical description simple intuitive models are used to illustr. . . . .
Book :The Dirac-Moshinsky Oscillator: Theory and Applications
This work summarizes the most important developments in the construction and application of the Dirac-Moshinsky oscillator (DMO) with which the author has come in contact. The literature on the subjec. . . . .
Book :Diagrammatic Pairing Fluctuations Approach to the BCS-BEC Crossover
This paper gives a survey of a diagrammatic approach for fermionic pairing fluctuations, which are relevant to the BCS-BEC crossover realized with ultracold Fermi gases. Emphasis will be given to the . . . . .
Book :The landscape of the Hubbard model
I present a pedagogical survey of a variety of quantum phases of the Hubbard model. The honeycomb lattice model has a conformal field theory connecting the semi-metal to the insulator with Neel order.. . . . .
Book :Computational Studies of Quantum Spin Systems
These lecture notes introduce quantum spin systems and several computational methods for studying their ground-state and finite-temperature properties. Symmetry-breaking and critical phenomena are fir. . . . .
Book :Lectures on the Density Functional Theory
Contents:Thomas-Fermi method; Hartree-Fock formalism; Total energy as functional of electron density; Practical implementation of DFT and HF calculation schemes; Response properties in ab initio schem. . . . .
Book :Quantum Medicinal Chemistry
Contents: Advances in Density-functional-based Modeling Techniques – Recent Extensions of the Car-Parrinello Approach; Density-functional Theory Applications in Computational Medicinal Chemistry; Appl. . . . .
Book :The Design of Approximation Algorithms
he book is organized around several central algorithmic techniques for designing approximation algorithms, including greedy and local search algorithms, dynamic programming, linear and semidefinite pr. . . . .
Book :The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups, Number 2
The Classification Theorem is one of the main achievements of 20th century mathematics, but its proof has not yet been completely extricated from the journal literature in which it first appeared. Thi. . . . .
Book :The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups
The classification of the finite simple groups is one of the major feats of contemporary mathematical research, but its proof has never been completely extricated from the journal literature in which . . . . .
Book :Metrics on the Phase Space and Non-Selfadjoint Operators
This is a four-hundred-page book on the topic of pseudodifferential operators, with special emphasis on non-selfadjoint operators, a priori estimates and localization in the phase space. The first c. . . . .
Book :Correlation effects in solids from first principles
First principles calculations of bandstructures of crystals are usually based on one-particle theories where the electrons are assumed to move in some effective potential. The most commonly used metho. . . . .
Book :Computability and randomness
Contents: The complexity of sets; The descriptive complexity of strings; Martin-Lof randomness and its variants; Diagonally noncomputable functions; Lowness Properties and K-triviality; Some advanced . . . . .
Book :Probability: Theory and Examples
Contents: Measure Theory; Laws of Large Numbers; Central Limit Theorems; Random Walks; Martingales; Markov Chains; Ergodic Theorems; Brownian Motion.
Book :Statistical Treatment of Experimental Data
Statistical Treatment of Experimental Data.
Book :Cutting Edge Robotics
Robotics research, especially mobile robotics is a young field. Its roots include many engineering and scientific disciplines from mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering to computer, cogni. . . . .
Book :Geometry of 2d topological field theories
These lecture notes are devoted to the theory of equations of associativity describing geometry of moduli spaces of 2D topological field theories. Introduction. Lecture 1. WDVV equations and Frobenius. . . . .
Book :Quantum Chromodynamics
After a brief historical review of the emergence of QCD as the quantum field theory of strong interactions, the basic notions of colour and gauge invariance are introduced leading to the QCD Lagrangia. . . . .
Book :Symbolic Logic: A Second Course
Contents: Summary; Translations in Function Logic; Derivations in Function Logic; Translations in Identity Logic; Extra Material on Identity Logic; Derivations in Identity Logic; Translations in Descr. . . . .
Book :Introduction to Modal Logic
Contents:Introduction to Modal Logic; Basic Concepts; Classical SL; Absolute Modal Logic - System L; Relative Modal Logic - System K; Systems Between K and L; Modal Predicate Logic; General First-Orde. . . . .
Book :Elements of deductive logic
A textbook for an 'advanced introductory' logic class (I used it as a textbook for mathematically capable introductory logic students). The book uses the tableau method, and includes standard results . . . . .
Book :Science of Logic
Contents: Preliminaries; The logic of truth functional connectives; The first order logic of extensional predicates, operators, and quantifiers.
Book :The art of logic
Contents: Grammar; The art of the logic of truth-functional connectives; Quantifier proofs; A modicum of set theory; Symbolizing English quantifiers; Quantifier semantics—interpretation and counterex. . . . .
Book :An Introduction to Mathematical Logic
The text is a slightly extended version of an introductory course to mathematical logic taught at Münster several times. It treats pure logic and in this connection introduces to basic proof-theoretic. . . . .
Book :Electronic and transport properties of nanotubes
This article reviews the electronic and transport properties of carbon nanotubes. The focus is mainly theoretical, but when appropriate the relation with experimental results is mentioned. While simp. . . . .
Book :Lecture notes on evaluation of molecular integrals
Lecture notes on evaluation of molecular integrals.
Book :Electronic Structure Calculation by First Principles for Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Recent trends of ab initio studies and progress in methodologies for electronic structure calculations of strongly correlated electron systems are discussed. The interest for developing efficient meth. . . . .
Book :Théorie quantique des champs et phénomènes critiques:sujets choisis
Ces notes sont dans une large mesure extraies de l'ouvrage: "Quantum field Theory and Critical Phenomena" Zinn-Justin, J. 1989.
Book :Turbulence for (and by) amateurs
Series of lectures on statistical turbulence written for amateurs but not experts. Elementary aspects and problems of turbulence in two and three dimensional Navier-Stokes equation are introduced. A f. . . . .
Book :Random Matrices
Contents: introduction; ensembles of random matrices; random matrices and discretized surfaces; the saddle point method; ortoghonal polynomials method; equation of motion's method; double scaling limi. . . . .
Book :A short introduction to classical and quantum integrable systems
Contents: Integrable dynamical systems; Solution by analytical methods; Infinite dimensional systems; The Jaynes-Cummings-Gaudin model; The Heisenberg spin chain; Nested Bethe Ansatz.
Book :Glass transition and out-of-equilibrium systems
Contents: An introduction to glassy systems; Kinetically constrained models; RFOT and rough energy landscapes; Slow dynamics and Aging.
Book :Time-related issues in statistical mechanics
Contents: Irreversibility; Quantum irreversibility; Stochastic dynamics: irreversibility from coarse graining; . Initial conditions vs. final conditions: a restatement of the second law; . Arro. . . . .
Book :Geometric and topological aspects of slow and fast coupled dynamical systems in quantum and classical dynamics
Contents: introduction and overview; Berry's connection and Berry's phase in quantum mechanics; The semi-classical limit; topological aspect in the semi-quantum model of slow-fast coupled systems; top. . . . .
Book :Density functional theories and self-energy approaches
In this chapter, after a brief introduction to MBPT and Hedin’s GW approximation, we will summarise some peculiar aspects of the Kohn–Sham XC energy functional, showing that some of them can be i. . . . .
Book :Consistent Quantum Theory
Contents:Introduction; Wave Functions; Linear Algebra In Dirac Notation; Physical Properties; Probabilities and Physical Variables; Composite Systems and Tensor Products; Unitary Dynamics; Stochastic . . . . .

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