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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 73 17-04-11 * * *

Book :Lecture Notes on Quantum Information Theory
Contents: Introduction and Overview; Foundations of Quantum Theory I: States and Ensembles; Foundations of Quantum Theory II: Measurement and Evolution; Quantum Entanglement; Quantum Information Theo. . . . .
Book :Theory of Quantum Information
The focus of this course will be on the mathematical theory of quantum information. We will begin with a development of basic principles and methods for reasoning about quantum information, and then. . . . .
Book :Lie Groups
Lie group theory has its intellectual underpinnings in Galois theory. In fact, the original purpose of what we now call Lie group theory was to use continuous groups to solve differential (continuo. . . . .
Book :Notes on Operator Algebras
Contents: Structure Theory I;von Neumann Algebras;States and Representations; Structure Theory II; Matrices; Automorphism Groups; Extensions; K-Theory; Nuclear C Algebras.
Book :A primer on mapping class groups
Contents: Curves and surfaces; Mapping class group basics; The Dehn–Nielsen–Baer Theorem; Generating the mapping class group; Presentations and homology; Torsion; The symplectic representation; Braid . . . . .
Book :Quantum Physics, Relativity, and Complex Spacetime: Towards a New Synthesis
The contents of the book are as follows. In chapter 1 the simplest examples of coherent states and time–frequency localization are introduced, including the original “canonical” coherent states, win. . . . .
Book :An introduction to finite volumes for gas dynamics
We propose an elementary introduction to the finite volume method in the context of gas dynamics conservation laws. Our approach is founded on the advection equation, the exact integration of the asso. . . . .
Book :Advanced general relativity
Contents: Fundamentals; Geodesic congruences; hypersurfaces; Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of general relativity; Black holes.
Book :Advanced mechanics
Contents: Newtonian mechanics; Lagrangian mechanics; Hamiltonian mechanics; Term project: Motion around a black hole.
Book :Classical electrodynamics
Contents: Maxwell’s electrodynamics; Electrostatics; Magnetostatics; Electromagnetic waves in matter; Electromagnetic radiation from slowly moving sources; Electrodynamics of point charges.
Book :Statistical mechanics
Contents: Review of thermodynamics; Statistical mechanics of isolated systems; Statistical mechanics of interacting systems; Information theory; Paramagnetism; Quantum statistics of ideal gases; Black. . . . .
Book :Thermodynamics
Contents: Thermodynamic systems and the zeroth law; Transformations and the first law; Heat engines and the second law; Entropy and the third law; Thermodynamic potentials; Thermodynamics of magnetic . . . . .
Book :Teoria della relativita speciale: formulazione matematica
Il ne di queste dispense e quello di presentare una veste matematica rigorosa della struttura di base della Teoria della Relativita Speciale e introdurre le idee fondamentali della Teoria della R. . . . .
Book :Applications of quantum Monte Carlo methods in condensed systems
Abstract: The quantum Monte Carlo methods represent a powerful and broadly applicable computational tool for finding very accurate solutions of the stationary Schroedinger equation for atoms, mole. . . . .

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