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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 74 29-04-11 * * *

Book :Advances in Global and Local Helioseismology: an Introductory Review
Helioseismology studies the structure and dynamics of the Sun's interior by observing oscillations on the surface. These studies provide information about the physical processes that control the evolu. . . . .
Book :Statistical Physics
Contents: Why is water wet?; Elements of Kinetic Theory; Phase space; Statistical Thermodynamics; Statistical Quantum Mechanics;
Contents: Introduction and summary 2. The phase transition that made us mammals 3. Maps and patterns of threshold-linear units 4. Validation of the lamination hypothesis 5. What do we need DG and CA. . . . .
Book :Primordial magnetogenesis
Magnetic fields appear everywhere in the universe. From stars and galaxies, all the way to galaxy clusters and remote protogalactic clouds magnetic fields of considerable strength and size have been r. . . . .
Book :Post-Newtonian theory for the common reader
Contents: Preliminaries; Integration techniques; First post-Minkowskian approximation; Second post-Minkowskian approximation; Equations of motion; Gravitational waves; Energy radiated and radiation re. . . . .
Book :A First Course on Time Series Analysis: Examples with SAS
The present book links up elements from time series analysis with a selection of statistical procedures used in general practice including the statistical software package SAS (Statistical Analysis S. . . . .
Book :Multiscale Entropy: definitions and applications
Contents: Multiscale Entropy Theory; Multiscale Entropy Applied to Filtering; Multiscale Entropy Applied to Deconvolution; Multiscale Entropy Applied to Background fluctuation analysis; Multiscale Ent. . . . .
Book :A Measure Theory Tutorial (Measure Theory for Dummies)
This tutorial is an informal introduction to measure theory for people who are interested in reading papers that use measure theory. The tutorial assumes one has had at least a year of college-level . . . . .
Book :Image processing and data analysis
Powerful techniques have been developed in recent years for the analysis of digital data, especially the manipulation of images. This book provides an in-depth introduction to a range of these innovat. . . . .
Book :Representation theory of compact group
Contents: Groups; Topological groups; Linear Lie groups; Hopf algebras; Appendices.

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