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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 77 9-06-11 * * *

Book :An Introduction to Differential Topology, de Rham Theory and Morse Theory
Contents: Basics of Di fferentiable Manifolds; Local structure of smooth maps; Transversality Theory I: The degree and its applications; More General Theory; Transversality II: Intersection Theory; Di. . . . .
Contents: Introduction; Basic de nitions ; Tangent vectors and tangent spaces; Local properties of smooth functions; Manifolds with boundary; The Tangent Bundle and vector elds; Partitions of unity; . . . . .
Book :Chiral effective field theory and nuclear forces
We review how nuclear forces emerge from low-energy QCD via chiral effective field theory. The presentation is accessible to the non-specialist. At the same time, we also provide considerable detailed. . . . .
Book :Theoretical Aspects of Massive Gravity
Massive gravity has seen a resurgence of interest due to the recent realization that its traditional problems may be overcome, yielding an avenue for addressing important open questions such as the co. . . . .
Book :Theory of Orbital Magnetization in Solids
In this review article, we survey the relatively new theory of orbital magnetization in solids-often referred to as the "modern theory of orbital magnetization"-and its applications. Surprisingly, whi. . . . .
Book :Nanomechanical Resonators and Their Applications in Biological/Chemical Detection: Nanomechanics Principles
Recent advances in nanotechnology have led to the development of nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS) such as nanomechanical resonators, which have recently received significant attention from the s. . . . .
Book :Cosmic rays in galactic and extragalactic magnetic fields
We briefly review sources of cosmic rays, their composition and spectra as well as their propagation in the galactic and extragalactic magnetic fields, both regular and fluctuating. A special attentio. . . . .
Book :Formation of the First Galaxies: Theory and Simulations
The properties of the first galaxies are shaped in large part by the first generations of stars, which emit high energy radiation and unleash both large amounts of mechanical energy and the first heav. . . . .
Book :Ferroelectromagnets. Fifty years after discovery
Ferroelectromagnets - compounds with ferroelectric and magnetic orderings - were discovered about fifty years ago. They are of great interest due to the possibility of mutual control of electric (magn. . . . .
Book :Title: Deep Water: The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Future of Offshore Drilling
Contents: The Path to Tragedy; Explosion and Aftermath: The Causes and Consequences of the Disaster; Lessons Learned: Industry, Government, Energy Policy;
Book :La Montagne Mouvement - Le livre gratuit de physique
Contenu: Chute, flux et chaleur - volume I; La relativité - volume II (relativité restreinte, relativité générale et cosmologie); Lumière, charges et cerveau - volume III (électrodynamique classiqu. . . . .
Book :Relativité et Cosmologie
Contenu: Actions en relativité génerale; Evolution de l’Univers; Théorie du Big Bang; Thermodynamique dans l’Univers; Fond de rayonnement cosmique (CMB); Nucléosynthése; Matiére sombre; Problémes du m. . . . .
Book :A Tutorial in Connectome Analysis: Topological and Spatial Features of Brain Networks
High-throughput methods for yielding the set of connections in a neural system, the connectome, are now being developed. This tutorial describes ways to analyze the topological and spatial organizatio. . . . .
Book :Introduction to Topological Groups
These notes provide a brief introduction to topological groups with a special emphasis on Pontryaginvan Kampen’s duality theorem for locally compact abelian groups. We give a completely self-containe. . . . .
Book :Quantum transients
Quantum transients are temporary features of matter waves before they reach a stationary regime. Transients may arise after the preparation of an unstable initial state or due to a sudden interaction . . . . .

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