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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 80 2-08-11 * * *

Book :Foundations of the Theory of Probability
The book "Kolmogorov: Foundations of the Theory of Probability" by Andrey Nikolaevich Kolmogorov is historically very important. It is the foundation of modern probability theory. The monograph appear. . . . .
Book :Select chapter in the Calculus of Variations
Contents: One dimensional variational problems; extremal fields and global minimals; discrete systems, applications; bibliography.
Book :Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes with Applications
These notes grew from an introduction to probability theory taught during the first and second term of 1994 at Caltech. There was a mixed audience of undergraduates and graduate students in the firs. . . . .
Book :Mathematical Models of Social Systems
Text-book is dedicated to problems of mathematical modelling and computer simulation of social processes and presents itself synopsises of lectures, which were read to students of Omsk State Universit. . . . .
Book :Mathematical Models of Social Systems
Contents: Linear models; Markov Chains; Social Mobility; Differential Reproduction; Absorbing Chains; Evolution of Social Conventions; Strategic Network Formation; Communication Classes; Influence Net. . . . .
Book :Hamiltonian Chaos: Classical and Quantum Aspects
Hamiltonian Chaos: Classical and Quantum Aspects
Contents: Introduction;. Prequel: energy methods and commutators; The pseudodifferential calculus; Wavefront set; Traces; A parametrix for the wave operator; The wave trace; Lagrangian distributions; . . . . .
Book :Monotone Dynamical Systems
Contents: Strongly Order-Preserving Semi ows; Generic Convergence and Stability; Ordinary Di erential Equations; Delay Di erential Equations; Monotone Maps; Semilinear Parabolic Equations;
Book :Johnson-Morita-Torelli Theory and Finite-Type-Invariants
Contents: The mapping class group; The Johnson homomorphisms; The Standard Magnus expansion; The Casson invariant; Generalized Magnus expansions; The fatgraph Magnus expansion
Book :Sediment Transport
Sediment transport is a book that covers a wide variety of subject matters. It combines the personal and professional experience of the authors on solid particles transport and related problems, whose. . . . .
Book :Decision by Objectives
Contents: Management Decision-Making Today; Problem Solving and Decision-Making; Decision-making Concepts & Methodologies; The Analytic Hierarchy Process and Expert Choice; From Brainstorming to Struc. . . . .
Book :Homological methods in Non-commutative Geometry
There were eleven lectures in total. Every lecture is preceeded by a brief abstract. The first seven deal with the homological part of the story (cyclic homology, its various definitions, vari- ous . . . . .
Book :Centrales Térmicas
Sumario: Introducción a las centrales térmicas; Transformaciones termodinámicas; Dinámica de Fluidos; Transmision de Calor; Intercambiadores de Calor; Vaporizacion; Materiales utilizados en los Genera. . . . .
Book :A basic introduction to large deviations: Theory, applications, simulations
The theory of large deviations deals with the probabilities of rare events (or fluctuations) that are exponentially small as a function of some parameter, e.g., the number of random components of a sy. . . . .
Book :Higher Topos Theory
Contents: An Overview of Higher Category Theory; Fibrations of Simplicial Sets; The 1-Category of infinite-Categories; Limits and Colimits; Presentable and Accessible infinite-Categories; infinte-Topo. . . . .

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