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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 83 30-10-11 * * *

Book :Large deviation approach to nonequilibrium systems
The theory of large deviations has been applied successfully in the last 30 years or so to study the properties of equilibrium systems and to put the foundations of equilibrium statistical mechanics o. . . . .
Book :Earth's Energy Imbalance and Implications
Improving observations of ocean temperature confirm that Earth is absorbing more energy from the sun than it is radiating to space as heat, even during the recent solar minimum. The inferred planetary. . . . .
Book :Iowa Neonatology Handbook
Contents: General; Temperature; Jaundice; Pulmonary; Neurology; Metabolic; Fluid Management; Feeding; Infection; Haematology; Pharmacology; Procedures.
Book :Data Structures and Algorithms
contents: Cover, Preface and Table of Contents; Appetizer: Integer Arithmetics; Introduction; Representing Sequences By Arrays and Linked Lists; Hash Tables and Associative Arrays; Sorting and Selecti. . . . .
Book :Techniques of applied mathematics
Contents: Introduction; non-dimensionalisation and approximation; perturbation methods; stability and oscillations; oscillation and comparison methods; integral equations and eigenfunctions; wave and . . . . .
Book :Physics searches at the LHC
With the LHC up and running, the focus of experimental and theoretical high energy physics will soon turn to an interpretation of LHC data in terms of the physics of electroweak symmetry breaking and . . . . .
Book :Computational Fluid Dynamics Technologies and Applications
This book is planned to publish with an objective to provide a state-of-art reference book in the area of computational fluid dynamics for CFD engineers, scientists, applied physicists and post-gradua. . . . .
Book :Advances in Modern Cosmology
The twentieth century elevated our understanding of the Universe from its early stages to what it is today and what is to become of it. Cosmology is the weapon that utilizes all the scientific tools t. . . . .
Book :Hand atlas of Human Anatomy
The appearance of Spalteholz's Atlas a few years ago was welcomed alike by teachers and students of anatomy. So useful is this book to students who desire to study anatomy in the dissecting room that . . . . .
Book :Logic
Contents: Logic and Information; Metalogic; Algebraic Tools for Modal Logic; Input-Output Logic; Introduction to Model Theory; An Introduction to Substructural Logics; Logic and Games.
Book :Tree Automata Techniques and Applications
The two first chapters contain the basics on Tree Automata theory for finite ordered ranked trees. Chapter 3 shows connections between Logic and Tree Automata. Chapter 4 presents Automata with Constra. . . . .
Book :Neocybernetics in Biological Systems
Concrete examples help to understand complex systems. In this report, the key point is to illustrate the basic mechanisms and properties of neocybernetic system models. Good visualizations are certai. . . . .
Book :An introduction to neural networks
This manuscript attempts to provide the reader with an insight in the artificial neural networks. Back in the 1990, the absence of any state-of-the-art textbook forced us into writing our own.
Book :Elementi di Termodinamica Statistica
Contentuto: Aspetti Generali; Dalla Dinamica alla Termodinamica; Il Principio di Boltzmann: deduzione e conseguenze; Applicazioni: Sistemi Non Degeneri; Termodinamica dei Gas Ideali Non Degeneri; Term. . . . .
Book :Aging by Design
Contents: Introduction; Ages of Man – Human Mortality; A Brief Summary of Aging Theories; The Evolution of Aging; Medawar’s Modification to Darwin’s Theory; Williams’ Modification to Darwin’s Theor. . . . .

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