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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 84 17-11-11 * * *

Book :Lectures on Partial Differential Equations and Representations of Semi-groups
Contents: Introduction; Mixed Problems in Partial Differential Equations; Vector valued Distributions; Vector valued Distributions; Spaces of distributions; The E-product of two locally convex Hausdor. . . . .
Book :Lectures on Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
In these lectures we study the boundary value problems associated with elliptic equation by using essentially L^2 estimates (or abstract analogues of such estimates. We consider only linear problem,. . . . .
Book :Magnetic Fields and Magnetic Diagnostics for Tokamak Plasmas
This series of notes tries to lay the foundations for the interpretation of magnetic fields and fluxes, often in terms of equilibrium plasma parameters. The title, 'magnetic diagnostics', is taken t. . . . .
Book :Nonstandard Analysis in Topology
We present Nonstandard Analysis by three axioms: the Extension, Transfer and Saturation Principles in the framework of the superstruc- ture of a given infinite set. We also present several applicati. . . . .
Book :The Constancy of the Constants of Nature: Updates
The current observational and experimental bounds on time variation of the constants of nature (the fine structure constant $\alpha$, the gravitational constant $G$ and the proton-electron mass ratio . . . . .
Book : Mathematical Physics : Problems and Solutions
The present issue of the series <> represents the Proceedings of the Students Training Contest Olympiad in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics and includes th. . . . .
Book :Introduction to Classical Partial Differential Equations
Contents: Conventions; Basic Definitions; Three Main Examples of PDE; First-Order Quasi-Linear PDE for One Real-Valued Function; Systems of Quasi-Linear PDE; Second-Order PDE for One Unknown Function;. . . . .
Book :Calculus: A modern, rigorous approach
Contents: Basics; Limits and Continuous Functions; Differentiation; Applications of Differentiation; Riemann Integration. Techniques of Integration; Improper Integrals; Series of Real Numbers; Series . . . . .
Book :Yang Mills model of interacting particles in the classical field theory
The purpose is to study systems of interacting particles in the General Relativity context, by the principle of least action using purely classical concepts. The particles are described by a state ten. . . . .
Book :Algorithm Implementation
The purpose of this wikibook is to show how common algorithms are written in various programming languages, providing code implementations and explanation.
Book :Statistical Mechanics
Contents: Fundamental Principles of Statistical Physics; Selected Applications; Introduction to Kinetic Theory.
Book :Quantum Notes
Contents: Preliminaries; Classical Mechanics Review; Postulates of QM; Simple Problems in 1 Dimension; Wave Packets; Harmonic Oscillator and Second Quantization; Systems with N Degrees of Freedom; Cla. . . . .
Book :Optical Microscopy of Soft Matter Systems
The fast-growing field of soft matter research requires increasingly sophisticated tools for experimental studies. One of the oldest and most widely used tools to study soft matter systems is optical . . . . .
Book :Traces of Catastrophe
eteorite impacts are getting plenty of respect these days. The public regards them as the established destroyer of dinosaurs and the possible destroyer of civilization. Increasing numbers of geoscient. . . . .
In these lectures, we concentrate on the theory of Lipschitz functions in Euclidean spaces. In Section 2, we study extension problems and Lipschitz retracts. In Section 3, we prove the classical dif. . . . .

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