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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 87 21-04-12 * * *

Book :Strong QCD and Dyson-Schwinger Equations
The real-world properties of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) - the strongly-interacting piece of the Standard Model - are dominated by two emergent phenomena: confinement; namely, the theory's elemen. . . . .
Book :Higgs Physics: Theory
I review the theoretical aspects of the physics of Higgs bosons, focusing on the elements that are relevant for the production and detection at present hadron colliders. After briefly summarizing the . . . . .
Book :String Theory, Unification and Quantum Gravity
An overview is given of the way in which the unification program of particle physics has evolved into the proposal of superstring theory as a prime candidate for unifying quantum gravity with the othe. . . . .
Book :Random-phase approximation and its applications in computational chemistry and materials science
The random-phase approximation (RPA) as an approach for computing the electronic correlation energy is reviewed. After a brief account of its basic concept and historical development, the paper is dev. . . . .
Book :Phonon Transport in Graphene
Properties of phonons - quanta of the crystal lattice vibrations - in graphene have attracted strong attention of the physics and engineering communities. Acoustic phonons are the main heat carriers i. . . . .
Book :The Basics of Water Waves Theory for Analogue Gravity
This chapter gives an introduction to the connection between the physics of water waves and analogue gravity. Only a basic knowledge of fluid mechanics is assumed as a prerequisite.
Book :Machines of life: catalogue, stochastic process modeling, probabilistic reverse engineering and the PIs- from Aristotle to Alber
Molecular machines consist of either a single protein or a macromolecular complex composed of protein and RNA molecules. Just like their macroscopic counterparts, each of these nano-machines has an en. . . . .
Book :Sky Surveys
Sky surveys represent a fundamental data basis for astronomy. We use them to map in a systematic way the universe and its constituents, and to discover new types of objects or phenomena. We review. . . . .
Book :Quantum Measurement Theory in Gravitational-Wave Detectors
The fast progress in improving the sensitivity of the gravitational-wave (GW) detectors, we all have witnessed in the recent years, has propelled the scientific community to the point, when quantum be. . . . .
Book :The Formation of the First Massive Black Holes
Supermassive black holes (SMBHs) are common in local galactic nuclei, and SMBHs as massive as several billion solar masses already exist at redshift z=6. These earliest SMBHs may grow by the combinati. . . . .
Book :Boundary Conditions for the Gravitational Field
A review of the treatment of boundaries in general relativity is presented with the emphasis on application to the formulations of Einstein's equations used in numerical relativity. At present, it. . . . .
Book :Recent developments in planet migration theory
Planetary migration is the process by which a forming planet undergoes a drift of its semi-major axis caused by the tidal interaction with its parent protoplanetary disc. One of the key quantities to . . . . .
Book :Planet-disk interaction and orbital evolution
As planets form and grow within gaseous protoplanetary disks, the mutual gravitational interaction between the disk and planet leads to the exchange of angular momentum, and migration of the planet. W. . . . .
Book :Dusty Planetary Systems
Extensive photometric stellar surveys show that many main sequence stars show emission at infrared and longer wavelengths that is in excess of the stellar photosphere; this emission is thought to aris. . . . .
Book :Large Scale Structure of the Universe
Galaxies are not uniformly distributed in space. On large scales the Universe displays coherent structure, with galaxies residing in groups and clusters on scales of ~1-3 Mpc/h, which lie at the inter. . . . .

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