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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 94 15-08-12 * * *

Book :Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design
Over the recent years, medicinal chemistry has become responsible for explaining interactions of chemical molecules processes such that many scientists in the life sciences from agronomy to medicine a. . . . .
Book :Probability and statistics EBook
Contents: Introduction to Statistics; Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data; Probability; Probability Distributions; Normal Probability Distribution; Relations Between Distributions; Point and Int. . . . .
Book :Security Enhanced Applications for Information Systems
Every day, more users access services and electronically transmit information which is usually disseminated over insecure networks and processed by websites and databases, which lack proper security p. . . . .
Book : Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies up to Second Order
These lecture notes present the computation of the full system of Boltzmann equations describing the evolution of the photon, baryon and cold dark matter fluids up to second order in perturbation theo. . . . .
Book :Lectures on Diffusion Problems and Partial Differential Equations
Contents: The Heat Equation; Kolmogorov’s Theorem; The One Dimensional Random Walk; Construction of Wiener Measure: Generalised Brownian Motion; Markov Properties of Brownian Motion; Reflection Princi. . . . .
Book :Advances and Applications in Mobile Computing
Advances and Applications in Mobile Computing offers guidelines on how mobile software services can be used in order to simplify the mobile users' life. The main contribution of this book is enhancing. . . . .
Book :Introduction to evolution equations in geometry
These are the very unpretentious lecture notes for the minicourse "Introduction to evolution equations in Geometry," a part of the Brazilian Colloquium of Mathematics held at IMPA, in July of 2009.
Book :Gamma Radiation
This book brings new research insights on the properties and behavior of gamma radiation, studies from a wide range of options of gamma radiation applications in Nuclear Physics, industrial processes,. . . . .
Book :Technology and Engineering Applications of Simulink
Building on MATLAB (the language of technical computing), Simulink provides a platform for engineers to plan, model, design, simulate, test and implement complex electromechanical, dynamic control, si. . . . .
Book :Homeostasis and Higher Brain Function
Contents: Hypothalamus: Structural Organization; Hypothalamic Control of Pituitary Hormones; Central Control of the Autonomic Nervous System & Thermoregulation; Central Control of Feeding Behavior; L. . . . .
Book :Motor Systems
Contents: Motor Units and Muscle Receptors; Spinal Reflexes and Descending Motor Pathways; Motor Cortex; Basal Ganglia; Cerebellum; Disorders of the Motor System; Ocular Motor System; Ocular Motor Con. . . . .
Book :Sensory Systems
Contents: Overview of the Nervous System; Somatosensory Systems; Anatomy of the Spinal Cord, Nachum Dafny; Somatosensory Pathways; Somatosensory Processes, Patrick Dougherty; Pain Principles; Pain Tra. . . . .
Book :Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
Contents: Introduction to Neurons and Neural Networks; Resting Potentials & Action Potentials; Ionic Mechanisms of Action Potentials; Propagation of Action Potentials; Synaptic Transmission at the. . . . .
Book :Maximally localized Wannier functions: Theory and applications
The electronic ground state of a periodic system is usually described in terms of extended Bloch orbitals, but an alternative representation in terms of localized "Wannier functions" was introduced by. . . . .
Book :A Brief Introduction to Neural Networks
Contents: From biology to formalization – motivation, philosophy, history and realization of neural models; Introduction, motivation and history; Biological neural networks; Components of artificial. . . . .

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