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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 96 17-09-12 * * *

Book : Introduction to Magnetic Monopoles
One of the most basic properties of magnetism is that a magnet always has two poles, north and south, which cannot be separated into isolated poles, i.e., magnetic monopoles. However, there are strong. . . . .
Book :Python Scripting for Computational Science
With a primary focus on examples and applications of relevance to computational scientists, this brilliantly useful book shows computational scientists how to develop tailored, flexible, and human-eff. . . . .
Book : Phase-field-crystal models for condensed matter dynamics on atomic length and diffusive time scales: an overview
Here, we review the basic concepts and applications of the phase-field-crystal (PFC) method, which is one of the latest simulation methodologies in materials science for problems, where atomic- and mi. . . . .
Book :Introduction to Tensor Calculus for General Relativity
Introduction to Tensor Calculus for General Relativity
Book :Stochastic mechano-chemical kinetics of molecular motors: a multidisciplinary enterprise from a physicist's perspective
A molecular motor is made of either a single macromolecule or a macromolecular complex. Just like their macroscopic counterparts, molecular motors transduce input energy into mechanical work. All the . . . . .
Book : A short course on Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Some ideas/concepts in relativistic heavy ion collisions are discussed. To a large extent, the discussions are non-comprehensive and non-rigorous. It is intended for fresh graduate students of Homi Bh. . . . .
Book : The QCD equation of state from the lattice
The equation of state of QCD at finite temperatures and baryon densities has a wide range of applications in many fields of modern particle and nuclear physics. It is the main ingredient to describe t. . . . .
Book : Lectures on non-perturbative effects in large N gauge theories, matrix models and strings
In these lectures I present a review of non-perturbative instanton effects in quantum theories, with a focus on large N gauge theories and matrix models. I first consider the structure of these effect. . . . .
Book : The Luttinger liquid and integrable models
Many fundamental one-dimensional lattice models such as the Heisenberg or the Hubbard model are integrable. For these microscopic models, parameters in the Luttinger liquid theory can often be fixed a. . . . .
Book : Condensed Matter Theory of Dipolar Quantum Gases
Recent experimental breakthroughs in trapping, cooling and controlling ultracold gases of polar molecules, magnetic and Rydberg atoms have paved the way toward the investigation of highly tunable quan. . . . .
Book : Les Houches lectures on the few-atom problem
These lectures contain a theoretical introduction to the few-body problem with short-range resonant binary interactions. In the first part we discuss the effective range expansion for the two-body sca. . . . .
Book : Basic Data Analysis and More - A Guided Tour Using Python
In these lecture notes, a selection of frequently required statistical tools will be introduced and illustrated. They allow to post-process data that stem from, e.g., large-scale numerical simulation. . . . .
Book : Properties of the Quantum Channel
Quantum information processing exploits the quantum nature of information. It offers fundamentally new solutions in the field of computer science and extends the possibilities to a level that cannot b. . . . .
Book : The Gutzwiller Density Functional Theory
In this tutorial presentation, we give a comprehensive introduction into the Gutzwiller variational approach and its merger with the density functional theory. The merits of this method are illustrate. . . . .
Book : Quantum computation by local measurement
Quantum computation is a novel way of information processing which allows, for certain classes of problems, exponential speedups over classical computation. Various models of quantum computation exist. . . . .

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