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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 97 20-10-12 * * *

Book :New Truth to the Fountain of Youth: The Emerging Reality of Anti-Aging Medicine
For most of the past century, it was widely thought that delaying the human aging process was scientifically impossible. More recently, it has become increasingly clear that delaying aging is not only. . . . .
Book :Python for Econometrics
Python is a widely used general purpose programming language, which happens to be well suited to Econometrics and other more general purpose data analysis tasks. These notes provide an introduction to. . . . .
Book :Lecture Series in Electronic Structure Theory
Contents: Intro to Electronic Structure Theory; Integral Notation and Hartree-Fock MO Theory; Basis Sets; Configuration Interaction; Density Functional Theory; Many-body Perturbation Theory; Couple. . . . .
Book : Spherical Harmonics in p Dimensions
The authors prepared this booklet in order to make several useful topics from the theory of special functions, in particular the spherical harmonics and Legendre polynomials for any dimension, availab. . . . .
Book : Optimizations of protein force fields
In this Chapter we review our works on force fields for molecular simulations of protein systems. We first discuss the functional forms of the force fields and present some extensions of the conventi. . . . .
Book : Well-posedness and long time behavior in nonlinear dissipative hyperbolic-like evolutions with critical exponents
These lectures present the analysis of stability and control of long time behavior of PDE models described by nonlinear evolutions of hyperbolic type. Specific examples of the models under considerati. . . . .
Book : Lectures on Self-Avoiding Walks
These lecture notes provide a rapid introduction to a number of rigorous results on self-avoiding walks, with emphasis on the critical behaviour. Following an introductory overview of the central pro. . . . .
Book : "Quantization is a mystery"
Expository notes which combine a historical survey of the development of quantum physics with a review of selected mathematical topics in quantization theory (addressed to students that are not compl. . . . .
Book :Analyse Numérique
Table des matières: Introduction; Methodes iteratives pour la solution d’un systeme linaire; Methodes iteatives pour le calcul des valeurs propres et des vecteurs propres; Methodes d’interpolation et . . . . .
Book :An Introduction to the Theory of Relativity
The theory of relativity may very well prove to be the most important single contribution yet made to the intellectual thought. If the theory is true it means nothing less than physical science has a . . . . .
Book : Teaching the third law of thermodynamics
This work gives a brief summary of major formulations of the third law of thermodynamics and their implications, including the impossibility of perpetual motion of the third kind. The last sections of. . . . .
Book :Lectures On Galois Cohomology of ClassicalGroups
These notes reproduce the contents of lectures given at the Tata Institute in January and February 1967, with some details added which had not been given in the lectures. The main result is the Hass. . . . .
Book : Measuring the eccentricity of the Earth orbit with a nail and a piece of plywood
I describe how to obtain a rather good experimental determination of the eccentricity of the Earth orbit, as well as the obliquity of the Earth rotation axis, by measuring, over the course of a year, . . . . .
Book : Quantum Walks
This tutorial article showcases the many varieties and uses of quantum walks. Discrete time quantum walks are introduced as counterparts of classical random walks. The emphasis is on the connections a. . . . .
Book :Particle Physics
Stimulated by the Large Hadron Collider and the search for the elusive Higgs Boson, interest in particle physics continues at a high level among scientists and the general public. This book includes t. . . . .

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