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* * * FreeScience.info Newsletter Number 98 1-11-12 * * *

Book :Solid State Theory
Contents: Electrons in the periodic crystal; Semiconductors; Metals - properties of interacting electrons; Landau’s Theory of Fermi Liquids; Transport properties of metals; Magnetism in metals; Mott. . . . .
Book :A Simple Introduction to Particle Physics
I am pleased to be able to present a set of pre-published particle physics books, authored by my Baylor colleagues, on OPEN TEXT. The texts are called “A Simple Introduction to Particle Physics” Parts. . . . .
Book :Graduate Electromagnetism
The present online version is two semester graduate level text, approximately 360 350 pages long. It is on the level of the well-known textbook by J. D. Jackson. Included are many problems (approximat. . . . .
Book :Classical Mechanics
This is a two semester introductory classical mechanics text, on the level of Marian and Thorton. It is approximately 320 255 pages long, with 130 106 problems. Part I has been repaired (the Mac Word . . . . .
Book :Lectures on Nonlinear Waves And Shocks
Contents: The Traffic problem and a first order nonlinear equation; One Dimensional gas dynamics; Two dimensional steady flow.
Book :Cosmology Primer
Twentieth-century science completely overturned our view of cosmology. We now know that our solar system is one of many in our galaxy, and our galaxy is one of many in the universe. These galaxies are. . . . .
Book :Tectonics - Recent Advances
This book is devoted to different aspects of tectonic researches, especially to modern geodynamic processes. Syntheses of recent and earlier works, combined with new results and interpretations, are p. . . . .
Book :Current Advancements in Stereo Vision
The book is a new edition of stereo vision book series of INTECH Open Access Publisher and it presents diverse range of ideas and applications highlighting current research/technology trends and advan. . . . .
Book :Linear Algebra - Theorems and Applications
Linear algebra occupies a central place in modern mathematics. Also, it is a beautiful and mature field of mathematics, and mathematicians have developed highly effective methods for solving its probl. . . . .
Book : Symplectic geometry of quantum noise
We discuss a quantum counterpart, in the sense of the Berezin-Toeplitz quantization, of certain constraints on Poisson brackets coming from "hard" symplectic geometry. It turns out that they can be in. . . . .
Book : From Classical to Quantum Shannon Theory
The aim of this book is to develop "from the ground up" many of the major, exciting, pre- and post-millenium developments in the general area of study known as quantum Shannon theory. As such, we spe. . . . .
Book :New Truth to the Fountain of Youth: The Emerging Reality of Anti-Aging Medicine
For most of the past century, it was widely thought that delaying the human aging process was scientifically impossible. More recently, it has become increasingly clear that delaying aging is not only. . . . .
Book :Python for Econometrics
Python is a widely used general purpose programming language, which happens to be well suited to Econometrics and other more general purpose data analysis tasks. These notes provide an introduction to. . . . .
Book :Lecture Series in Electronic Structure Theory
Contents: Intro to Electronic Structure Theory; Integral Notation and Hartree-Fock MO Theory; Basis Sets; Configuration Interaction; Density Functional Theory; Many-body Perturbation Theory; Couple. . . . .
Book : Spherical Harmonics in p Dimensions
The authors prepared this booklet in order to make several useful topics from the theory of special functions, in particular the spherical harmonics and Legendre polynomials for any dimension, availab. . . . .

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