Bismuth’s Magnetic Levitation Mystery Unveiled


Key Takeaways:


  • Bismuth has the ability to levitate above magnets due to its unique diamagnetic properties.
  • This phenomenon is a result of bismuth being strongly repelled by magnetic fields, creating a levitation effect.
  • The repulsion between bismuth and magnets is so strong that it overcomes gravity, causing the bismuth to float above the magnets.

In the article “Bismuth Is So Strongly Repelled from Magnets, It Levitates—How,” it discusses the fascinating property of bismuth that allows it to levitate above magnets. The unique diamagnetic characteristics of bismuth make it interact strongly with magnetic fields, causing a pronounced repulsion that enables the levitation effect. This phenomenon showcases the intriguing nature of materials like bismuth and how they respond to magnetic forces. The repulsion between bismuth and magnets is so potent that it can overcome the force of gravity, leading to the levitation of the bismuth above the magnets, illustrating the remarkable interplay between materials and magnetic fields.

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