Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics is a vital field that deals with the ethical principles and moral dilemmas that arise in the practice of medicine and healthcare.

It encompasses a range of ethical considerations, including patient autonomy, confidentiality, informed consent. Additionally, end-of-life decisions, resource allocation, and the responsible conduct of medical research is also within this scope

Medical professionals are confronted with complex ethical choices in their daily practice. Requiring them to navigate challenging situations while upholding the well-being and dignity of their patients.

Medical Ethics provides a framework for ethical decision-making and guides healthcare providers in delivering compassionate, patient-centered care. It also involves critical examination and discussion of ethical issues related to healthcare policies, access to healthcare, and societal implications of medical advancements.

By studying Medical Ethics, healthcare professionals and students develop a strong ethical foundation. Enabling them to navigate ethically complex situations, advocate for patient rights. Upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in the medical field.

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