Optics is a captivating branch of physics that focuses on the study of light and its interaction with matter. It explores the behavior of light, including phenomena such as reflection, refraction, diffraction, and interference. Beside that, it also plays a crucial role in various scientific and technological fields, ranging from designing optical instruments like telescopes and microscopes to developing fiber optics for communication systems and contributes to the understanding of vision, color perception, and the principles behind imaging techniques. By unraveling the properties of light and its manipulation that’s enables advancements in fields such as Astronomy and Telescopes, Photography and Imaging, Vision Correction, Optical Fiber Communication, Microscopy and Medical Imaging, Lasers and Photonics.

Fiber Optic Globe

Optics: History, Applications & Facts | Expert Insights

Have you ever wondered how light works its magic in the field of photonics? How it bends and reflects, creating stunning visual phenomena through the process of refraction? Well, welcome to the captivating world of optics! This branch of physics is all about unraveling the behavior and properties of light, from modern optics to physical […]

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