Gender Studies

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that critically examines the social, cultural, and political aspects of gender. It explores how gender identities and roles are constructed, performed, and experienced in different societies and historical contexts.

Delves into the complex intersections of gender with other social categories such as race, class, sexuality, and ability. Shedding light on power dynamics, inequality, and social justice issues.

Through theoretical frameworks, research, and analysis, Gender Studies seeks to challenge and deconstruct traditional notions of gender, promoting inclusivity, equality, and understanding.
It examines topics such as gender identity, gender-based violence, representation in media, reproductive rights. And the impact of gender on various aspects of society.

Base in the researches in this field, individuals gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of gender. And its effects on individuals and communities. Empowering them to advocate for gender equity and contribute to a more inclusive and just world.

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