Iceland Volcano Eruption: Toxic Gas Plume Moving Across Europe, Satellite Data Reveals

Key Takeaways:


  • Iceland’s recent volcanic eruption is emitting a massive plume of toxic gas.
  • Satellite data indicates the movement of the harmful gas cloud across Europe.
  • The eruption is occurring at Geldingadalir, a volcano that started in March.
  • The gas plume includes sulfur dioxide, a hazardous substance for humans.

Iceland’s latest volcanic eruption is causing concern as a gigantic plume of toxic gas is spreading across Europe, as revealed by satellite data. The eruption is originating from Geldingadalir, a volcano that has been active since March. The emitted gas, particularly sulfur dioxide, poses health risks due to its harmful effects on humans. The movement of this hazardous gas cloud is being closely monitored as it moves across the continent, prompting attention and precautions to protect public health.

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