Twin Stars Study Reveals Shocking Findings: 1 in 12 Have Consumed Planets

Key Takeaways:


  • Twin stars have been found to have a dark side, with 1 in 12 potentially being planet killers.
  • The study observed that these twin stars have consumed planets that once orbited them.
  • This unique behavior sheds light on the dynamics of planet formation and destruction in binary star systems.

A recent study on twin stars has revealed a startling fact – approximately 1 in every 12 of these celestial pairs have a history of destroying and consuming planets that once existed in their orbit. This intriguing discovery offers a glimpse into the darker side of twin stars, uncovering a previously unknown aspect of their cosmic behavior.

The researchers, delving into the mysteries of these binary star systems, found evidence suggesting that a significant portion of twin stars have engaged in planet devouring activities. This phenomenon, where planets are eliminated and devoured by their host stars, provides valuable insights into the intricate processes of planet formation and destruction within these unique stellar pairings.

By studying these twin stars that have harbored a dark secret of planetary destruction, scientists aim to expand our understanding of the complex interactions that occur in binary systems, shedding light on the cosmic mechanisms at play in our vast universe.

Read the full story by: Live Science.