Why Do Babies Rub Their Eyes When Tired? The Surprising Explanation

Key Takeaways:

When babies rub their eyes, it may signal that they are tired, as this behavior could be a way for them to self-soothe and regulate their levels of cortisol. Research suggests that rubbing eyes might also help babies reduce stress and prepare for sleep, contributing to their overall well-being and development.

The article delves into the reasons behind babies rubbing their eyes when they are tired. According to experts, this behavior could be a sign of fatigue, as it helps babies manage their stress levels and transition to sleep more smoothly. Additionally, the action of rubbing their eyes may be a form of self-soothing for babies, aiding in the regulation of cortisol levels in their bodies.

Scientists suggest that eye rubbing is commonly observed in babies because it triggers a response in the vagus nerve, leading to a calming effect on the body. By engaging in this behavior, babies may be unconsciously preparing themselves for rest and facilitating the process of winding down after a long day of stimulation.

Understanding the underlying mechanisms of why babies rub their eyes when tired can offer insights into the intricate ways in which infants regulate their emotions and physiological responses. By recognizing this behavior as a natural coping mechanism, caregivers can better support babies in managing their tiredness and promoting healthy sleep patterns.

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